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There are hundreds of new apps released every week, 10,000+ users downloaded Rape Alert latest version on 9Apps for free every week! When you click, the app will start downloading and wait till it completes installation you can start play. This hot app was released on 2016-08-30. I believe you’ll enjoy it after use it.
Emergency Signalling – An Application to Alert your Loved Ones in case of any emergency This application is made by looking at the increasing Rapes in India and Abroad. Through this application users can alert their loved ones in case of any emergency situations Here are some features of the application, Alert Via SMSes By just one click of a button, Users can send SMSes to multiple persons (number of persons are not restricted). These SMSes go with your location information including Latitude, Longitude and exact Location Name (if available). We also recommend that you send your IMEI number (check Settings), so that you can be tracked. Police have the Technology to track any phone by its IMEI number Alert Via Call By just clicking one button, users can call one specified emergency number Community Connect (new) By clicking the Alert Button, users can now alert the entire community about the incident in Real Time. Your personal details are not shared with the community, only the location is sent so that help can arrive anytime anyplace quickly. The community user is also shown a map from his/her location to your location, so that you can be saved quickly Audio Recorder Suppose someone is bullying you with their words, just click on Audio Recorder to record audio, and save it to your SD Card in real time. This is a method of proof collection, and can be presented as an evidence against the person. Number of recordings are unlimited and depend upon the size of your SD Card Enhanced Location Logs This application keeps track of your location by the minute. It stores all your location information to the SD Card, so that in case of any emergency situations, these logs can be used as an evidence about your location Online message Backups for Evidence We keep an online backup of your messages, so that in case your phone gets damaged, and you have received some threat messages, you can prove this as an evidence against the person sending such messages This is a great application, and uses some permissions. The detailed description of each permission is given below, do read it, Access Location To store, track and send your location in case of an emergency Internet To connect to the community, store online backups of messages and get your exact location name from Google’s reverse geocoding services Call Phone To call your loved ones in case of Emergency Read Phone State To get your device and phone number for sending via SMS Send SMS To Send SMSes to your loved ones in case of Emergency Situations Read Contacts To select contacts while picking up emergency numbers Read SMS For online backup Record Audio For the Audio Recorder Write External Storage To write audio files and location logs on SD Card Hope you find this application useful and life saving

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Komunikasi | 0.6MB | Update: 2016-08-30 | Version: 2.2 | Requires: Android2.1 or later

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